Any of you that follow business news may have seen this press release, “The Vermicompost Market 2022” (I discovered it on MarketWatch.com). The article describes a new report about the growing vermicompost market and contains links to purchase the report from Industry Research Biz.

It caught my eye because it mentions the key players in the US and abroad, market size, market drivers, sales by country, and growth forecasts through 2024. Stuff that many of us that want to grow our own businesses would be interested in!

The Report

It describes vermicompost as the product of composting with various worm species, notably red wigglers (Eisenia fetida), African night crawlers (ANC’s), Lumbricus Rebellus, and others, and containing a mixture of worm castings (vermicast), humus and decomposed organic matter.

It names the global top manufacturers, many of which are in SE Asia: MyNOKE. NutriSoil, Davos Worm Farms, Sri Gayathri Biotec, Agrilife and others. Another one included in the list was SLO County Worm Farm, which was the former company of Cristy Christy, now Black Diamond Vermicompost. Hmmm… It hasn’t been SLO County for about 10 years. Which makes me wonder how fresh the data really is!

Digging Deeper

The press release wasn’t going to give away any really valuable content, because they want you to buy the full report. But it did mention that the market grew 24.9% between 2014 and 2015. What about today? Guess I will have to buy the report.

Gulp. Click the link and see the price is $3,480.

So I requested a ‘sample copy’ of the report instead.

Not long after, I had an email and phone call from the publisher. I managed to haggle him down to $1,000, still not knowing if I was going to actually buy it or not.

Now I’m waiting to receive the sample report, to see how valuable it really is.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can find the press release I read by following this link to the MarketWatch article.

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