CFT Learning Center - Videos

Video Series

From an intro to continuous flow to lessons learned using our system, this 4-part video series will answer many of your questions as you consider your purchase.

Part 1:

Intro to Continuous Flow and the Wormgear CFT (3:25)

Part 2:

Design & Manufacturing of the Wormgear CFT (1:25)

Part 3:

Starting and Operating Your CFT (4:43)

Part 4:

Lessons Learned with a CFT (6:07)

Experience the Wormgear CFT

The Wormgear CFT sets the standard in medium-to-large scale vermicomposting systems. Precision and durability are at the heart of our design, ensuring your CFT provides 10 years or more of worry-free service.

These videos will demonstrate the manufacturer’s motivation and dedication to precision and quality found in this elegant machine.

We’d love to hear more about your story and what you’d like to do!

Let’s have a no-sales pitch discussion on what Wormgear can help you accomplish!

Watch the Assembly

The Wormgear CFT seen in this video is a 16-ft model assembled by Dan Lonowski of Wormgear and Steve Churchill of the Urban Worm Company. Assembly should take two adults roughly 4 hours for a two-module, 16-ft CFT.

Learn About Modular Design

Start with a single 8-ft base unit and grow from there. Add additional modules to increase your capacity when you want. Your initial investment is completely upgradable in the future.

More Videos

Watch CFT Wall Panel Production

Every Wormgear CFT wall panel is exactly the same, thanks to our precision CNC cutting process. These wall panels are a solid high-density polypropylene which will never decay in moist conditions.

See The Cutting Bar Fabrication

The cutting bar assembly is the most crucial part of any CFT. Wormgear’s patented cutting bar is precision-milled stainless steel, held to the tightest tolerances and TIG welded for reliable service in the toughest of conditions.

Precision Engineered

Engineered for performance and durability, using 3D CAD modeling, FEA (finite element analysis), plasma cutting, computer-aided machining, and rigorous field testing. These also ensure compatibility with future modules as you expand your system.

Engineered Materials

Polypropylene walls – impervious to moisture, will never decay

Corrosion-resistant steel cutting bar, cables and fasteners

Reversible high-torque

Low-friction (HDPE) runner on guide rail

Cutting bar drive system with controller and sensors

110V rectified DC gearmotor