Welcome to the Wormgear CFT Learning Center

At Wormgear, we manufacture a precision-engineered, expandable, low-labor worm composting system.

We realize the purchase of an advanced vermicomposting system like a CFT is not taken lightly and we want our clients to be highly educated about a prospective purchase.

So we created this page with articles and videos to help you learn more about CFTs, to include information about their history, their current use, calculations of input and output capacities, frequently asked questions, and what you can expect after you purchase a Wormgear CFT.

For those who prefer visual learning,  access videos about Wormgear CFT.

If you prefer reading, explore informative articles about Wormgear CFT.

Access FAQs to expand your knowledge further.

Tikkun Farm

Greg York

“Great experience during the pre-purchase and purchasing phases. Dan’s expertise of the system and vermicomposting are excellent.




He took all the time needed to explain how to set up and optimize the system. The system is well built and rugged.”