Vermicompost “is stabilized organic matter, produced by interaction of earthworms and microorganisms under controlled conditions”


—Norman Q Arancon, PhD – University of Hawaii at Hilo

Vermicompost “A Living Soil Amendment”

Consists of ‘worm castings’ plus other organic materials. Besides resembling compost, it has some unique properties:

  • High concentration of microbial populations
  • Microbial diversity
  • Active fungi
  • Humic acids
  • Plant growth hormones

Benefits of Vermicompost


  • Vermicompost has a profound effect on plants
  • It helps seeds to germinate more quickly, and develop stronger root systems, so they grow faster
  • They grow stronger and have higher yield, more flowers, more fruits, more vegetables
  • It decreases attacks by plant diseases and pests
  • Increases the soil microbial populations
  • And provides micronutrients and increases their availability
  • It add organic matter
  • It helps soil to absorb and retain water
  • VC contains high nutrient concentrations with lower soluble salt levels
  • Makes it easier for plant roots to absorb nutrients